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Where is RYDA?

  • 8 miles from Kampala off Kampala-Mityana Road, near Buloba High School & Teachers' College
  • Latitude: 0 19 27.68" North
    Longitude: 32 27 57.70" East
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All About RYDA

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What You Have Done

Let's start the new year by looking back.

  • Whatever you have given financially to support RYDA makes a difference in itself and when combined with the gifts of others it makes an even greater difference.
  • However often you have prayed for RYDA makes a difference in itself and when combined with the prayers of others it makes an even greater difference.
  • Whenever you have retold the story of RYDA it has made a difference in itself and the more supporters do this face to face and through their social media the greater that difference will be.
How will you continue to support the orphaned and vulnerable young people
at Rubaga Youth Development Association?

On your behalf, during 2018 St. Margaret's transferred

$7,220.24 (AUD)


In addition, through the Christmas Gift Certificates you gave

$1,425 (AUD)


The Christmas amount will soon be transferred to RYDA along with additional
donations received near the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019.

What They Have Done

The youths in these photos are attempting practice exams last October in the lead up to government exams. (In the last photo some of the staff are enjoying the benefits of a baking test in the hospitality and catering course.)

RYDA Vocational Training Institute, Buloba, Uganda exists to provide vocational training for orphaned or otherwise vulnerable boys and girls from 12 to 18, in a live-in environment which supplies all daily needs. All children were on the street, or in child labour, or in child-headed families or exploited in some other way. Most have have not completed primary education, even though it is compulsory in Uganda.

  • RYDA is an African success story. Here's the evidence.
This morning I visited the DIT (Directorate of Industrial Training) to check (...on the result of last year's exams). It was pleasing to hear that RYDA students performance was 98% passed with Distinction and 2% with credits. In the country we were second.
The performance is highly appreciated here at the centre and the instructors have done their all. The credit goes to Suzan Liz (Principal) and the Director of Studies as most of the time during the year I have been sick.

Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune, Executive Director

It's a pleasure to write to you this morning about what transpired at the institute this year. ... Their external final examinations took place on November 23rd 2018. All the thanks go back to the RYDA staff and the Principal for the work well done. RYDA, our institute of excellence.
Stephen Onyait, Director of Studies

What Needs To Be Done

When we send your donations to RYDA they are very rarely ear-marked. We know the Board will direct any funds to address the hierarchy of needs at the time. Through 2018 much of what was transferred was put towards the construction of a toilet block near the canteen and a shower/toilet block adjacent to the new boys' dormitory. This second block is incomplete.

With the funds we received we managed to purchase the two septic tanks for the two toilets, dug the soak pits and filled them with the hard cores. We also managed to buy the urinals and the toilet seats, What is remaining is the roofing and connecting the water supply to the toilet to have a constant supply.
Any assistance greatly appreciated. See How To Support RYDA.

Update on Suzan

The December News let you know that Principal Suzan gave birth to a son on November 28th. She took maternity leave around the time of the October practice exams. The first photo shows that she too was able to enjoy the fruits of the catering class. The second shows her not long after the birth. The young lady is her sister Esther who was looking after her during the delivery period.

Suzan and Daniel continue to do well and Suzan is expected back at the centre in March.

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