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  • 8 miles from Kampala off Kampala-Mityana Road, near Buloba High School & Teachers' College
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2018 Christmas Gift Certificates

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Suzan Takes Maternity Leave

You can see that Principal Suzan Liz Nabirye is delighted to be an expectant mum. She has taken leave from the latter part of November to ensure a safe and successful birth. Her baby is due by December 2nd.

Suzan our prayers are with you. We look forward to hearing all the details.

Geoffrey's Christmas Message

For a man who has through 2018 suffered burns to his upper body in a vehicle fire, been hospitalised at least twice to heal, suffered at least two serious bouts of recurring malaria and been diagnosed as diabetic, Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune, RYDA's Executive Director is looking remarkably well in this latest photo. Keep up the healing Geoffrey our prayers are with you.

The students and staff have been intensely involved in preparation for, and execution of, government examinations through November and this period comes to an end on the 30th. The latter part of this period has, of course, been affected by Suzan's leave, which has added pressure to Geoffrey's role. We hope that December sees the easing of that pressure for a while.

Among it all Geoffrey has found time to remember his supporters and has written the following message to encourage us all as Christmas approaches.

Dear Donors and Partners,

I have the pleasure to write to you all to send our Christmas message to you all. To us this year has been a challenging one but also with some progress recorded. The last exams is being done as am writing this letter to you.

On behalf of the Rubaga Youth Development Association (RYDA), I write to extend to you all our sincere appreciation to all our donors and partners for the support you have extended to our institute for at least 20 years, without which certain things would not have been possible to be accomplished for this period of time. Bravo to all of you wonderful people for your continued support.

Many of the vulnerable children/youth have accomplished the skills training with certificates and diplomas. All the achievements have to be recognized and an accolade given to our partners who diligently contribute funds to meet some of the programme activities.

We wish you all a better Christmas holidays and a prosperous new year 2019.

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