RYDA at Kalinda Primary 2008
In Term 3 2008 Years 5/6 at Kalinda Primary School began studying Africa. They wanted to learn about how people live in Africa so they could understand the similarities and differences between Africans and Australians. They began their work with a guest speaker presenting Where in the World is RYDA to a combined group of over 100 students. The photos below show some of the learning that grew from this experience and the extensive planning of their teachers Lyse Lake, Matt Anthony, Helen Renehan, Rosie Storey & Stuart McLean.
  • I learned that one person can make such a big difference to so many people.
  • They make such fantastic things out of such simple objects.

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We learnt a lot about Africa and its many cultures. The clothes in our display were made by the children at the Rubaga Youth Development Association centre outside Kampala, Uganda.

Mr. Williams was the person who started our learning with his presentation Where in the World is RYDA?. He came back about four weeks later to look at our work.

We made a display of the RYDA centre by watching a DVD about it and learning from the RYDA web site.

This is the RYDA office and Mr. Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune, who is the Executive Director and friend of Mr. Williams...

...is sitting at his desk. He needs to spend a lot of time searching for organisations and people who will donate to the RYDA work. RYDA is trying to provide vocational and life skill training for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Uganda.

Here is the Sewing Room. They make clothes, like the ones on our wall. Some are for their own needs and some are to sell to provide a little income. Making clothes is a skill that will be useful to the girls in their lives.

In the Metal Work room the boys make things, like wheelbarrows, to use and sell. In the Carpentry room they learn more skills that might also get them a job.

Sometimes the children get sick so RYDA has its own medical room. They keep some medicines and have a nurse. But who pays for the medicines and who pays the nurse? These things can only continue if the world donates to RYDA's work.

This is the Canteen, where Catering students can practise their skills serving local people who visit for a drink and a snack.

The other building is one of RYDA's first classrooms. It was an outdoor classroom - not at all like ours.

RYDA tries to be self-sustaining by growing some vegetables, farming some animals, selling some of the things it makes and renting some its buildings for special occasions. But this is not enough. They need many more people to donate to their work. You can read about Geoffrey's accident in the bus.

Here are some of RYDA's animals. We are raising some money for RYDA. Perhaps our money will buy new animals, like chooks, or perhaps it will be needed to buy food for the students.

Uganda usually has good rains and the soil at the Buloba Centre is rich. The children, who are aged from 12 - 18, work in the fields to provide some of their own food. However the main food is maize flour and that has to be purchased in sacks. They need help to buy this.

All the staff and students often meet in Kusabi Hall for celebrations or learning discussions to help the students understand how to deal with problems that will come in their lives. Sometimes local people use the Hall for weddings too.

All our Year 5/6 classes learnt from RYDA. This is one of our other displays.

I made the farmyard in this display.

This is the third classroom. You can see that we found out lots of information from the RYDA web site.

Bricklaying is another skill that students learn. They can get jobs anywhere if they know how to make buildings and they can build their own homes too.

Our teachers want us to learn about the similarities and differences between Australia and Africa. We used Venn diagrams to organise the things we learnt.

To help us learn from the RYDA site our teachers made up some assignments for us to do at the computer. This is one of the activities we did in our language groups.

This is another one of our RYDA site assignments.

One of our parents has a company that prints on pens. They printed these for nothing as their gift to RYDA and we are selling them to raise money to send over to help the children.