Kata Tjuta

21st September

On the way to Uluru-Kata Tjuta park we stop at a salt lake which is one of a chain through this area which include Lake Amadeus, the largest.

From here you also get a good view of Mt. Conner, some 50 kilometres to the south-west.

Mt. Olga is the tallest of the Kata Tjuta peaks and bears what appears to a giant's footprint.

C'mon Princess, let's go for a walk. (Jim and Alison are following on behind.)
Scanned from a photo sent by Ashley Davis.

Walpa Gorge runs up the north side of this mountain.

North wall of the gorge with the sun just sneaking over the edge.

South wall, which is part of Mt. Olga.

Looking back from the head of the gorge - well as far as you are allowed to walk - about 30 minutes in.

Head of the gorge in the background.

Kata Tjuta from a distance. Mt. Olga is the one behind Doug and Walpa Gorge is beside it.