17th September

Alice Springs is the centre of Australia...

...and the centre of the world.

John Flynn Memorial Church in the background.

16th September

It is also the site of the world's only waterless river regatta known as Henley-on-Todd. It has been cancelled twice due to presence of water in the Todd River. This event is Sand Skiing.

Some need a little coaching to keep their rhythm going.

A yacht race... foot power.

Sink-The-Boat is a tug-of-war...

...which ends when the boat drops off one side of the table.

Speaking of war, there were all sorts of teams waiting for the climax of the day...

...a gigantic water battle between boats like these.

In the middle of the festivities we took a break for lunch at al Fresco on Todd Mall.

Dinner was with the Skoss family.
From left: Ina, Connor, Lucy, Matt, Chloe, Heidi

17th September

The next day the river had returned to its traditional owners who are pretty smart about what to do in the midday heat.

It's unpredictable, but perhaps once a year this view would be water, metres deep, as far as the eye can see.

19th September

Doug and Ina's anniversary . We gave each other a card - the same card - which each of us had secretly brought from home in our luggage!

From Anzac Hill looking south down Bath Street to Heavitree Gap.

Roughly east across the Todd riverbed about three blocks to where we stayed at the Alice Motor Inn.

Roughly west along the MacDonnell Ranges towards Battarbee Drive where the Skoss's live.

Royal Flying Doctor Service began here inspired by Rev. John Flynn with the co-operation of Fred Traegar who invented the pedal radio.

We visited several places this day.

Some of the locals didn't appear to be welcoming.

A relaxing lunch at the Old Ghan railway station.

Anniversary dinner at the Heavitree Gap Lodge Red Centre Dreaming show. Marie showed us some of the tools of an Aboriginal Woman.

Ina was very impressed with the husband-controlling Nulla Nulla.

The evening also included dancing from this very experienced Queensland group.

They were magic.

Now you see us... you don't.

22nd September

The 'spring' after which Alice Springs was named can be seen in the river bed as a couple of wet patches. It turned out to be a non-permanent waterhole rather than a spring. It can be found at the site of the Old Telegraph Station about 3km out of town.

23rd September

John Flynn memorial on the outskirts of Alice.

24th September

A final look at the beauty of the MacDonnell Ranges from within Alice Springs Desert Park.